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Help with Navigation and Computer Issues

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Hyperlinks:  Are the blue underlined text (example only, not an active link).  In Windows, the mouse arrowhead will switch to a hand with pointing finger as you roll across an active hyperlink.  Click once to activate.  The hyperlink will open another page.

Hyperlinks don't work:  A Pop-Up Blocker will stop the hyperlink from opening a new page.  Try holding the CTRL key down while clicking the hyperlink.  This will disable the Pop-Up Blocker for this one click. 

Each Pop-Up Blocker is different so the details of how to allow exceptions will vary.  The Google toolbar simply requires you to click once on the box showing the number of pop-ups blocked - it will then change to read; Pop-ups OK.  (Note this only allows pop-ups on this page, now and in the future, but not pop-ups on other web pages, so you still remain protected from unwanted pop-ups.)

Email address hyperlinks:  When you click on an email address hyperlink one of two things will happen; a blank email will open with the address inserted OR a windows error message will appear. 

The error message appears because you do not use an Email Client program to view your email (i.e.-Outlook, Outlook Express, Firebird,Incredimail, etc.).  Without a default email program Windows does not know what to do.  Don't panic, simply go to your email in the usual way, open a blank email to send and either type the email address or copy and paste it from the web page.
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