Independent Spiritualist Association
of the United States of America


"Come For A Spiritual Experience."

About the ISA - Today

The organization has grown with member churches in several states and world-wide recognition. It still maintains the purpose for which it was founded -- togetherness with independence.

Rev. Amanda Flower founded the ISA, she believed that any subject could be discussed from the platform, as long as it could be done intelligently. After all, we believe that God is Infinite Intelligence. She also held the organization to the highest of standards of the day. In 1924, no medium could receive papers from the ISA unless they could read and write.

Spiritualists believe in proof and experience.  We encourage your questions and practice the gifts of spirit described in 
1 Corinthians 12.  Your relationship with God/Spirit is personal and can be both a wonderful experience and a clear communication.  Spiritualism demonstrates and teaches you how to do this. We have a common foundation of principal beliefs but have no dogma you must accept.

Today, things are much more sophisticated, and so is the ISA in a lot of ways. Most of us are connected by email, phone, and fax. The basics have not changed, however.   

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