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Phillip became a member of the Independent Spiritualist Association in 1995, and earned certifications for mediumship, spiritual healing, Associate Minister, and in 2005, he was ordained. He has spoken at many of the member churches as well as some outside of the Independent Spiritualist Association. He has served as speaker, message bearer, healing channel, and teacher. His speaking style engages the audience in a dialogue.

Phillip has also served on the board of the Independent Spiritualist Association as a trustee. During his tenure, he was responsible for developing the convention booklet as well as providing educational events, such as workshops on meditation, psychometry, clairvoyance, as well as seeking out instructors in other metaphysical areas. Within the last few years, he has taught development classes out of his home. Recently, he was invited to teach a basic and advanced Tarot class at a local metaphysical store. The students were very pleased with his methodology, understanding the depth of the symbols of the cards, his patience in answering questions, and his hands-on approach.

Phillip has earned an Associate degree, and a Bachelor degree in the Science of Psychology from the University of Phoenix. Here, his passions began to awaken. He honed his research skills and pursued a scientific base to the occult teachings he discovered prior to entering the Independent Spiritualist Association. Discovering the disjointed connection between psychology, mysticism, and the fundamentals of religion teaching, prompted the development of the newsletter Bridging the Gap, which morphed into Xolton’s Gnostic Thread, a newsletter meant to connect science, philosophy, and sometimes religion. Xolton’s Gnostic Thread has moved to the internet. Since that time, over 30 people have become members, here and abroad. The website continues to expand, incorporating new ideas and refining its purpose.

Phillip has recently completed training as a Life Coach through  Coach Training Alliance. He also facilitates art classes. His art has been displayed at the Box Factory for the Arts, Mac Worthington Gallery, and the Frame of Mind.



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