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Pastor Bill's Page of Interesting Information

"Come For A Spiritual Experience."

"Ascension of this Planet through Christ Consciousness
one person at a time; beginning with me "

Inspirational & Interesting
to Pastor Bill Lumsden

of the Spiritualist First Church of Truth

(The Mother Church started by ISA Founder Rev. Amanda Flowers),

  127 Meerse SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49057
Your Spiritual Journey is eclectic
You can find Truth from many sources. 

Below are some of the inspirational sources Pastor Bill has found interesting
These and all information sources must stand on their own merit.  
Use your discernment and inner guidance to know what is
Truth for you
"Truth" is personal and will change for you over time as you grow.  
Please do not construe this as an official endorsement by the ISA. 
Rather, it embraces the

Spiritualist principle of a
Universal God/Source for All that Is

 In The Beginning 
Owen K. Waters

 Who Needs Light 
Kathryn E. May, Psyd
 The New Earth Times 

 The Adventure of Being Human 
by Owen K. Waters

 Ascension Notes 
 Swedenborg and Life 

 Miracle II Products 

  The Ground Crew
Light workers who Serve Humanity and Mother Earth

View of "Empty" Space from the Hubble Telescope

World Puja
Mayan Calendar and more

Star Quest
Messages from Archangel Michael, Claim Self Mastery

Infinite Being
Infinite Being, Infinite Possibilities
What On Earth Will It Take?

White Eagle Lodge
Star Center For The Americas

The Spiritual Dynamics Academy 

Take the next step in Spiritual Growth 

 Light As a Feather 
The Power of Concentration, Centered, In The Moment 

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