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About Rev.'s Beverly and Brian Jones

Rev. Beverly Rose Jones grew up with a grandmother who studied and lived spiritualism throughout her life. Since Beverly Rose was a child of six, she has heard and felt spirit. As an adult she has attended a variety of certified spiritual and metaphysical classes. During the last twenty five years she has worked as a bilingual spiritual counselor/reader, clairvoyant, clairaudient and trance medium. Rev. Beverly Rose was ordained by Rev. Dorothy Graves of the Independent Spiritualist Association.

Rev Brian D.Jones studied with Rev Anna Franz of National Spiritualist for five or so years as well as Rev. Rose Bokke and Rev. Jim M. Lockhart for three years. He also studied with Rev. Dorthy Graves. He has had a love of the old spiritual books that tell what they found when studying the mediums of old. He then works to put this information in to practice in his life and sharing it with all who are ready to learn. If we learn what they took the time to put on paper then Spirit will not have to start at square one.

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