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“An Engineer’s Guide to the Spirit World”

Mishawaka, IN:  Public demonstration at Sacred Waters
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John is a featured guest speaker
April 20, 2013 at the
Expanding Horizons Expo
in the Century Center in South Bend, IN

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John the Medium

After 8 years of Catholic grade school, John Roncz joined a seminary on the Notre Dame campus. During this time he learned Latin, Greek and Hebrew. In his freshman year of college he studied the early Christian writings, became discouraged, and abandoned his Christian upbringing. He decided that if something could not be seen, sensed or measured then he was not at all interested in it.

He built his first computer from a kit, and adapted a computer program from NASA to run on it. He used the computer to analyze the cross-sections of wings, developing his own designs. One of his designs was used on an airplane, which led to a 30+ year career as an aeronautical engineer. Engineering is all about physics, and John believed that everything is explainable and understandable using the laws of physics.

He decided to join Caroline Myss on a tour of Egypt after seeing her on television. While exploring the complex inside the Temple of Karnak, he wandered into another temple alone, and felt what he thought was an earthquake, while the room filled with incense. Later he found out that this was the Temple of Khonsu, and there was a legend associated with it. He was told that from time to time Khonsu would see someone in the temple complex that he loved, and draw that person to himself – always alone, never with anyone else – and bless him with incense.

This led to a long list of incredible experiences, starting with a day-long cab ride in Egypt at the end of which the cab driver would not take any money from him, saying it was an honor to have him in his cab. Objects and even food began to appear in his house. Slot machines handed him money when he needed it to help friends: a total of $11,550.

He took his mother on a psychic cruise because she loved to visit psychics. There he had a group reading with Suzane Northrop, and a private sitting with John Holland. The reading with John Holland convinced him that some people could receive information from the dead. John invited him to a venue at which 5 mediums would be demonstrating. Pat McKenna, one of the five, singled him out of an audience of over 300 people, telling him that she had never seen so many spirits around a person before, and asked him why he wasn’t on stage doing what she did. “Someday you’ll have the opportunity to hang out your own shingle, and you need to do that.”

Pat McKenna invited him to a small group session at her home, and John learned that he could get information psychically from total strangers. A weekend workshop with John Holland strengthened that understanding. The straw that broke the camel’s back came when he and his mother went for a reading with Glenn Klausner in Florida. Glenn brought through his father, who told John that he had mediumistic abilities, and that meeting John Holland and the other experiences had been carefully cultivated. Dad also kept saying 14th, although we didn’t know what that meant. After returning home, John got a phone call from a total stranger in Rhode Island, who wanted to know if he was planning to attend John Edward’s weekend workshop on mediumship in New York. He didn’t know anything about it, and it was sold out. She called back a week later saying that her friend could not go, and would he like to buy her ticket. He flew there on the 14th, realizing that Dad’s comment about these things being cultivated was true. He found that he could do all the exercises that John Edward had the attendees doing. On the trip home he decided to enroll at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England, where John Holland had gone.

In his first course, he was put with the beginners. There he learned that he could get information in many different ways. For the second week, he was placed in an advanced group of platform mediums, and was terrified. His tutor, Mavis, pushed John really hard, to show him what he could do. The hardest part was shutting down his engineering mind, which wanted explanations for everything. But at the end of these two weeks, John knew that for whatever reason, he could communicate with the dead.

John has returned to Stansted 11 times to work with some of the best mediums on earth. The courses are demanding, and the standards are very high. The goal is to expand your abilities, and learn that information can come in many different ways. After his 3rd year at the college, John decided it was time to work publicly. Joyce Hug arranged a public demonstration at Sacred Waters. Then he began to do private sittings.

John is still a very busy engineer. His 53rd airplane design is now being flight tested in California. He has another project in Texas, and one in Germany.

For years he has been told to write a book about his experiences, and what he’s learned by linking with spirit. “An Engineer’s Guide to the Spirit World” has now available for purchase.


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John the Engineer

John Roncz began his aeronautical career by building a computer and then adapting a NASA airfoil analysis code to run on it. He spent months learning airfoil theory and comparing computer predictions to wind tunnel tests. When Burt Rutan heard of his work he asked John to analyze some airfoil candidates for his Solitaire sailplane. John sent him the results for these along with some of his own airfoil designs for comparison. Burt chose the Roncz airfoil section, which worked very well. This led to a collaboration which lasted over 20 years, in which Burt developed configurations and John analyzed the stability and designed custom airfoil sections for each airplane.

John is responsible for some portion of over 50 aircraft designs. The most recent to fly is the Icon A5, an amphibious Light Sport Aircraft. He was responsible for the aerodynamic design and performance of the Global Flyer, a radical jet in which Steve Fossett set 3 world records. It was the second airplane John worked on that was placed in the National Air & Space Museum. He has designed sixteen propellers and wind turbines, including the propellers for the globe-circling Voyager and the prototype Starship.

Venturing outside the aircraft field, he designed the radical wing-sailed catamaran which successfully defended the America’s Cup in 1988, and a winning WSC class race car. John was profiled in Air & Space magazine, published by the Smithsonian. He wrote twelve articles for Sport Aviation, and has guest lectured at eight Universities, including being honored as an “Old Master” by Purdue University. Among his awards are the Stanley Dzik memorial trophy, the Honor Roll of Professional Pilot magazine, the Medal of Achievement from Sailing World magazine, the Professor August Raspet award, and the Milwaukee School of Engineering Gold Medal. John served as a “Distinguished Lecturer” for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. In November 2000 he was honored by His Royal Highness Prince Philip at a ceremony in London, where he was presented with the Prince’s Australian Medal for the design of the Eagle.

John is an honors graduate of the University of Notre Dame, an artist, and a classical pianist. He holds a commercial pilot’s license with multi-engine, instrument and glider ratings and has logged over 1800 hours.

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